JOINT FGZ-PH Summer School on Methods of
Effective Field Theory & Lattice Field Theory

26 June - 7 July 2017
Garching Forschungszentrum bei München, Germany

Social program

We plan to organize either one or two different excursions on the Sunday in the middle of the school (depending on your interests). You can choose between both or you can opt for no excursion if you do not feel like it.

The excursions are not covered by the registration fee, but we will use public transportation to achieve a relatively low price. Depending on the number of excursionists, the total prices of each excursion might increase by up to 3€ (since we assume the largest possible group discounts). We will close the day by heading to a Biergarten together. Since we have to make reservations for both excursions, we ask you to please convey your interest in these excursions via email to tumqcd_at_ph.tum.de until June 1st.

Please find a tar ball with schedules and maps for the excursions here.

For Saturday afternoon, we provide you with some suggestions on how you might want to spend your time in Munich. You find these below the two excursions which are described in the following.



The first excursion is to Chiemsee, the largest Bavarian lake. The two larger islands in the middle of the lake host the palace Herrenchiemsee and the monastery Frauenwörth. In the late 19th century this partly unfinished palace had been built on the Herreninsel by the last Bavarian king, Ludwig II, the famous fairy king who built the castle Neuschwanstein. The stark contrast between finished rooms with marble staircases and unfinished rooms with brick walls in this palace is among the most memorable features of this historic location. The palace includes also a museum dedicated to Ludwig II. This palace has been the place, where an assembly had drafted the constitution of Germany in 1948.


The other island is called Fraueninsel and is used occasionally for hosting workshops and schools for particle physicists. From both islands, which can be reached via boat trip, you will have a beautiful panorama view of the Bavarian Alps. We will be using the Bayern Ticket for a train ride from Munich to Prien, a small village at the shore of Chiemsee. There we will embark on a boat trip to explore the two islands and vist the palace with a guided tour and the Fraueninsel with buildings dating back to the middle ages.

Chiemsee Schifffahrt

The total cost is 24.40€ per person (includes train ride, boat trip and entrance fee to the palace and museum assuming group discount with 20+ people).



The second excursion is to Wendelstein, one of the most iconic Bavarian mountains. The panorama view from Wendelstein on the Bavarian Alps is famous and reaches to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain of Germany. Among its most fascinating sights Wendelstein bears an observatory on its peak and the highest church of Germany, the Wendelsteinkircherl.

Wendelstein Ropeway

Besides various alpine footpaths for climbing the rock, both a ropeway and a rack railway mount to just about 100 m below the mountaintop. Of course, you are free to scale the mountaintop for an even better view. We will take different vehicles for the uphill and downhill trips. Close to the top a cave with stalactites and a natural cold trap (+3°C in summer) is open for public visitors.

Wendelstein Cave

The total cost is 41.20€ per person (includes train ride, rack railway and ropeway and a Bavarian Weißwurstfrühstück (Bavarian White Sausage brunch) assuming a group discount with 40+ people). An additional entrance fee of 2€ is required for the cave.

Local activities for Saturday afternoon: recommendations

Munich itself provides for plenty of interesting activities. Please just parse through the recommendations of the most popular tourist hotspots, i.e. have a look at trip advisor recommendations. A few things we would like to recommend you most strongly:

The English Garden
The English Garden is one of the largest public parks in the entire world and the oldest in continental Europe. The park is admission free and contains a number of restaurants and beer gardens, lawn and lakes, footpaths and bridges. It is less than 500 m from the subway line U6 between Munich and Garching. Please have a look at this map.
Dachau memorial site
The suburb Dachau of Munich hosted the first of the infamous concentration camps during the period of national socialist rule in Germany. Although this Holocaust memorial site is a disturbing place to visit, we highly recommend the trip. The memorial site is admission free, but you may want to borrow an audioguide for a small fee (reduced fee is 2.50€ for students). You reach Dachau using the suburban train line S2 or a regional train (RB) and can either follow a footpath or take a bus to the memorial site. Please have a look at this map.
Deutsches Museum Deutsches Museum is one of the largest museums of engineering, science and technology worldwide. One day is by far not enough for this museum, but you might still want to take a look at its impressive collection. The reduced admission fee is 4€ for students. It is located in the center of Munich and has an additional site in Oberschleißheim, which is dedicated to aeronautics, airplanes and their history.
Schleißheim palace complex The palace closest to Garching is in Oberschleißheim, although the complex actually hosts three different palaces and a large park. The park is admission free, the palaces require some admission fees. Please have a look at this map for the bus connection. If you prefer walking there is also a nice footpath (6.8 km) between Garching and Oberschleißheim.

Just in case you might be asking: Neuschwanstein castle

Of course you might also opt to go see the most famous Bavarian castle, Neuschwanstein. You would need a complete day for the trip from Munich if you go by bus, i.e. Flixbus), by rental car you would have to drive about two hours one way. You would also have to reserve admission tickets at least two days before going and your admission is restricted to a brief time slot. If you need help for going we will assist you, but we do not organize this trip.