JOINT FGZ-PH Summer School on Methods of
Effective Field Theory & Lattice Field Theory

26 June - 7 July 2017
Garching Forschungszentrum bei München, Germany

Overview & scope

The scope of this school is to offer the students at the master, Ph.D. or postdoctoral level a complementary training at the frontier of effective field theories (EFTs) and lattice gauge theory focusing on a series of relevant physical problems like heavy quark processes, light quark dominated observables, finite temperature processes, interplay between QCD and nuclear physics, exotics and resonances, scattering and production processes, new physics, strongly coupled systems.

Besides lectures with introductions to general and well consolidated methods and techniques in EFT & Lattice we will host also a series of talks on innovative ideas and approaches at the interface of the two fields. This school has an innovative character with the scope to train young researchers capable to work at the interface of the two fields, taking advantage of this complementary knowledge to tackle the most interesting still open problems in particle and nuclear physics.

A feature of the school is that exercises, solutions and discussions will have prominent role. Lecturers are supposed to assign few interesting and pedagogical exercises that will be solved in the afternoon. We plan to enroll postdocs as tutors (if you are interested to be one of them please contact us at tumqcd_at_ph.tum.de ).

Please also have a look at our poster.