Symbolic computations

From the technical point of view, a great advantage of the EFT approach is the ability to compute Feynman diagrams in a much simpler way as compared to the higher energy theories (e.g. full QCD). Nevertheless, even in EFTs it may become necessary to obtain higher order corrections to physical observables or matching coefficients. The evaluation of the corresponding loop diagrams can be simplified by using appropriate software tools. A small selection of tools that are often used in the heavy quarkonium physics is given below.

In 2014 the T30f member Vladyslav Shtabovenko has joined the FeynCalc developer team. Together with Dr. Rolf Mertig and Dr. Frederik Orellana he is now working on improving FeynCalc. The development progress can be seen on the GitHub page of the project.

One can find introduction to the symbolic manipulation programs here: Computer Algebra and Particle Physics.