Effective Field Theory Seminars

The Effective Field Theory Seminars take place (unless otherwise specified) on Wednesdays at 10:30 and on Fridays at 14:00 in Room 1121 (Minkowski Room). The schedule for the Winter Semester 2016/17 and Summer Semester 2017 is:

Novermber 11 Alexander Rothkopf (Heidelberg) In-medium heavy quarkonium spectra from effective field theories on the lattice
Novermber 25 Andreas Schmitt (Univ. Southampton, UK) Dense nuclear and quark matter in holographic QCD
December 5 Zoltan Fodor (Univ. Wuppertal) The origin of mass of the visible universe
December 6 Simone Biondini (Univ. Bern) Effective field theories for heavy Majorana neutrinos in a thermal bath
January  13 Antje Peters (Frankfurt)Lattice studies of tetraquark systems
May  11 Fakher F. Assaad (Univ. W├╝rzburg) Quantum Monte Carlo algorithms for lattice fermions in the solid state and beyond
May  12 Sven-Olaf Moch (Univ. Hamburg) The proton structure and the strong coupling in the LHC era
June  28 Alexander Rothkopf (Univ. Heidelberg)Heavy Quarkonium at finite temperature from lattice QCD effective field theories
July  27 (Thursday, 11:00am, Rm 3734) Feng-Kun Guo (CAS)Triangle singularity and the LHCb Pc(4450) structure
September  19 (Tuesday, 11:00am) Davide de Boni (Swansea U)Fate of in-medium heavy quarks via a Lindblad equation

In the Winter Semester 2017/2018, the Effective Field Theory Seminars will take place on Wednesdays at 10:00 and on Fridays at 12:00 in Room 1121 (Minkowski Room).

The past schedule for the previous semesters can be found here