Effective Field Theory Seminars

The Effective Field Theory Seminars take place (unless otherwise specified) on Wednesdays at 10:00 and on Fridays at 12:00 in Room 1121 (Minkowski Room). The schedule for the Winter Semester 2017/18 is:

September  19 (Tuesday, 11:00am)Davide de Boni (Swansea U)Fate of in-medium heavy quarks via a Lindblad equation
October  17 (Tuesday, 11:30am) Steven Gottlieb (Indiana U)Determination of CKM Matrix Elements Using Lattice QCD
October  25 Yan Zhu (TUM)Color glass condensate in high energy collisions
November  2 Hee Soc ChungCollinear factorization approaches to heavy quarkonium production
November  15 (Wednesday, 10:30am) Madeleine Adrien (IFIC) Zeros of the W_L Z_L -> W_L Z_L amplitude: vector resonances at the LHC.
November  24 (Friday, 12:00am) Peter Vander Griend (Heidelberg U) Asymptotic Safety in the Higgs Portal to Fermionic Dark Matter
November  29 (Wednesday, 14:00pm) Rafael L. Delgado (TUM)Collider Phenomenology of KK and hidden graviton models for Dark Matter

Note that the seminar of Dr. Rafael L. Delgado has been moved to Nov. 29 at 14:00pm.

The past schedule for the previous semesters can be found here