Numerical Computing

The GNU Scientific Library is installed on every workstation. For information please visit

Every member of the group has access to a workstation with (usually) the last LTS version of Ubuntu installed on it. Some of the workstations sometimes do not have the latest version, if you want to have it on your workstation please contact the person in charge of the IT in the group (currently H. Martinez). You can also remotely access every workstation/node on the T30 cluster just typing, for example, "ssh -X olib" to access the olib workstation with graphical options. If you want to access the cluster from outside the physics department please follow the instructions given in the manual pages.

The hardware on each workstation varies depending on the year they were bought. The older ones have an AMD Phenom quad core processor with 8 GB of RAM while the newest are currently equipped with an Intel core i7 Sandy Bridge of 8 cores with 32 GB of RAM.

The fastest workstation in T30f is paxos. It is not intended for heavy numerical calculations but you can use it to run some short time routines or Mathematica notebooks. For more serious calculations consider the euler nodes or the nodes equipped with the nVidia Tesla cards (hercules and colossus). For the latter case it may be useful to take a look at the documentation pages of the CUDA framework.