Research Group Members

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Nora Brambilla
Physik-Department I, room 3217
Phone: +49 89 289 12353
Secretary: +49 89 289 12358
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
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Susanne Tillich
Physik-Department I, room 3205
Phone: +49 89 289 12358
Fax: +49 89 289 12296

Visiting Professor (Fermilab, USA)

Dr. Andreas Kronfeld
TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Fellow
Research interests: Lattice QCD and effective field theories

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Visiting Member (BNL, USA)

Dr. Johannes Heinrich Weber
Research interests: Lattice QCD, Chiral fermions, QCD at finite temperature, High performance computing.


Dr. Wai Kin Lai
Physik-Department I, room 3301
Phone +49 89 289 14333
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
Research interests: Soft Collinear Effecitve Theory, Heavy Quark Effective Theory, Non-relativistic QCD


Dr. Hee Sok Chung (A. von Humboldt Fellow)
Physik-Department I
Phone: TBD
Fax: TBD
Research interests: Production and decay of heavy quarkonium, nonrelativistic QCD, perturbative QCD


Dr. Yan Zhu
Physik-Department I, room 3216
Phone: +49 89 289 12329
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
Research interests: heavy ion collisions, thermal field theory, kinetic theory, CGC effective theory and jet quenching phenomena.


Dr. Rafael Delgado Lopez (Ramón Areces Foundation Research Grant)
Physik-Department I, room 3214
Phone: +49 89 289 12391
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
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Research interests: Effective Field Theories, strongly interacting theories, dispersion relations, unitarization procedures, lattice, heavy quarkonium, Higgs sector, collider phenomenology


Dr. Viljami Leino
Physik-Department I

PhD student

Peter Vander Griend
Physik-Department I, room 3302
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
Research interests: effective field theories with open quantum systems with applications in cosmology and quantum field theory at finite temperature

PhD Student

Sebastian Steinbeisser
Physik-Department I, room 1141
Phone: +49 89 289 12359
Fax: +49 89 289 12296
Research interests: Electric and magnetic dipole transitions of heavy quarkonia in effective field theories of QCD, automated computations and lattice QCD.

Master Student

Daniel Müller
Physik-Department I
Research interests: Effective Field Theories

Bachelor Student

Andrea Federico Sanfilippo
Physik-Department I

Bachelor Student

Samoilau Uladzislau
Physik-Department I

Former Members