Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics - WS 2011/2012

On these pages you can find all the information concerning the Lectures "Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics", the exercises, and other useful material. The lectures are held in English. There are four hours lectures per week, two hours exercises per week. The course is ECTS-Studium and accounts for 10 ECTS-Credits. The exam is oral (we will reconsider this four weeks before the exam based on the number of registered students). You are very warmly encouraged to work out all the assigned exercises. Prerequisites of the course are: Quantum Mechanics I and II. If you have not yet done you are advised to follow Quantum Mechanics II by Prof. Ratz. Complementary courses warmly suggested to be followed together with this are: "Advanced Quantum Field Theory" by Prof. Ibarra and "Renormalization and renormalization group methods in the Standard Mondel and New Physics Models" by Prof. Buras.

Program of the Lecture

Time and Location of Lectures

Lectures start on October 18.

(Possible time and place variations will be published here)

Time and Location of Exercises

Exercises Coordinator: Dr. Michael Benzke-T30f group, Room 3314.

Exercises start on October 24.


Here you find all the information about the exercises, exercises texts (available on this web site on Thursday the week before the corresponding exercises lecture and presented on Friday during the lecture) and solutions.

BLOG, TUTORIALS, MATERIAL and NOTES to complement the lectures


Suggested Books

Introduction to Particle Physics
General Overview of Quantum Field Theory
Gauge Field Theories
Group Theory