All the members of T30f have access to the computing facilities of the T30 cluster. For information and status of the cluster please visit the manual pages.

If you want to connect your laptop to the internet please follow the instructions of the lrz pages for the lrz and eduroam wireless networks. For wired connections you must give your mac address to the people in charge of the IT, this has to be done at least one day in advance.

The group has a laptop (macbook pro 13') equipped with productivity software such as MS Office, Mathematica, LaTeX etc. Please contact the person in charge of the IT if you want to use it.

For more information about the computing resources available to members of the group see:

Important information for guests and visitors

If you want to connect your computer during your stay at the T30f group please remember to provide us with the MAC address of the ethernet port of your laptop before you arrive, otherwise it will not be possible to have wired access to internet. If you have an eduroam account we recommend you to check the connection instructions for your institution account in advance. This is particularly important for people visiting the group for a short stay.